Learn Spanish: The best method to learn Spanish (any language).

Many people are interested in learning a new language, it might get hard to find a good method for them though. When starting to learn that new language they tend to find difficulties to learn it, losing interest in keeping on.

Before you keep reading, I want you to remember and think of the way you learnt your mother tongue. Do you remember your parents explaining you grammar rules when you were a baby? I do not think so. Actually, the first time that we face these tasks is when we get to school, 5 or seven years after having learnt how to speak a language, our mother tongue. This helps us organize that previous knowledge for other purposes besides speaking.

The Natural Immersion is a method designed by Flavian Mc Donald along with myself to teach and learn any language. We grew up in Venezuela, a very multicultural country, learning both Spanish and English, we wanted to create a method which could be able to simulate the way we all learnt our mother tongues.

The principles of this method are:

  • Listening: this principle is one of the most important ones. When we were a child, we were always exposed to conversations, music, tv shows and even games that talk to us, that is the way we acquire our vocabulary, learning grammar by listening as well.
  • Speaking: Mummy, daddy, water; those might have been your first words, let me tell you that before you were able to say them clearly, you for sure heard them many times from your parents or tutors. In the Natural Immersion is very important for you to say everything the teacher tells you to say.
  • Talking: the main reason people learn to speak is to be able to interact with relatives, friends and society itself; for that reason is very important to practice our new skills when learning a new language with people who already speak it, natives or not, the important thing is talking.

The Natural Immersion involves setting objectives in every class, for example:  ‘To buy new clothes at a mall in Mexico’. During your class you will be speaking fluently about that topic, covering all the needed aspects to learn properly (vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and fluency), and the best of all is the conversational nature of the method.

In order for you to try this new method for FREE, getting to know its advantages and benefits, you can link here and learn Spanish naturally, no grammar difficulties, by knowing the best about the countries, the food, the culture and the people who speaks Spanish in all the 20 Spanish speaking countries.

Spanish  was never complicated, the method was. Change the way you learn a new language, change your life forever.

Mariella Lesaldo is from Trinidad and Tobago, she’s learning spanish with Let’s Speak Spanish, she says:


Clare Smiths, from The US:


Marco Berger, Germany:


Let’s Speak Spanish.


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