Learn these 6 Beautiful Spanish Words (+ Audio in quotes).

Learn 6 Spanish words by listening to these audios and reading their meaning.

Words become your best friends in order to build a good lexicon if you want to learn Spanish or any language. The Spanish language is full of beautiful words and today I want to provide you with these ones along with quotes where you will be able to listen to them and keep moving forward becoming an excellent Spanish speaking person.

  • Vivencia: it means experience as a life lesson.
“No hay oídos para lo que no se tiene acceso desde la vivencia“. (A man has no ears for that which he cannot access through experience).


  • Cariño: it means affection, care; it also means cuddle, caress. You can also call a person “cariño” as darling, dear, honey, love.
“La mujer y el niño necesitan más cariño que leche”. (Women and children need more affection than milk).


  • Cielo: it means sky, heaven.
“Voz del pueblo, voz del cielo“. (People’s voice, heaven’s voice).


  • Virtud: it means virtue.
“La primera gran virtud del hombre fue la duda…”. (Humanity’s first virtue was doubt).


  • Resplandor: it refers to the light that comes from the sun or the moon.
“El humor es el resplandor de la mente”. (Good humor is the sunshine of the mind).


  • Patria: it means homeland, fatherland, mother country.
“Cuando la patria está en peligro, todo está permitido, excepto, no defenderla”. (When your homeland is in danger, all you want to do is allowed, except, not to fight for it).

Yes, there will be more posts like this one in which you will learn spanish basics and more.




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