Learn Spanish Words without English translation + audios.

Learn Spanish by listening and speaking.

Learning Spanish is a beautiful journey as it is learning a new language. Among its vocabulary, there are many words with a unique sense and exclusive use of Spanish itself.

Now you’ll be listening to them and it is a good idea for you to repeat all you hear aloud in order for you to become a better Spanish speaking learner. Here you are.

  • Anteayer: it means the day before yesterday.

Yo fui a tu casa anteayer:  (I went to your place the day before yesterday).

  • Estrenar: it means to use something for the very first time, mostly meaning clothes. You can call to your new clothes or objects “estreno”.

A Diana le gusta estrenar en diciembre; ella disfruta mucho sus estrenos: (Diana likes to wear new clothes in december; she loves wearing her new clothes).

  • Friolento/friolenta: it means a person who is very sensitive to low temperatures, cold or even cool weather.

Mi abuela es friolenta por las noches: (My grandmother is very sensible to low temperatures by the night).

  • Comadre/compadre: Comadre is a woman who is the godmother of your own child. Compadre is a man who is the Godfather instead. Compadres refer to both of them.

Mis compadres son buenas personas: (the godparents of my child are good people). 

  • Tuerto/tuerta: it means a man or a woman who only have only one eye.

La señora Julia es tuerta: (Mrs. Julia has only one eye).

  • Te quiero: when you say “te quiero” to someone you are dating or who is your girlfriend/boyfriend, you mean that you care about that person but you still do not love him or her. It’s not something bad unless you’ve been dating that person for a while.

Alberto, te quiero: (Alberto, I care about you and I do not love you yet).

So, what do you think about them? Do you know a word in your language without specific translation? Share them, comment them below.

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